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Lost and Found Birds

Ontario, Canada
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Mission Statement:

   This site was started in hopes of uniting bird owners with their beloved pets who accidentally flew away. I know from experience when this happens, the loss is tremendous. You hope that if someone is able to catch your bird, they will bring them home. We want to stop birds from being sold at pet stores after being found outside. We want the original owner to be able to track down the bird even months later when they realize they need to be looking elsewhere and not in the trees. We want foster people to adopt these "found" birds and give them a good home in the meantime while the search continues. We also want to give resources to bird owners who are grieving or need help in the search. Please "like" us on facebook for the most recent updates at "Bird Network - Ontario Lost and Found"

* Found Birds: To get the 'found bird' electrolytes and/or to a vet so we can save its life.

* To have all found birds reported, photographed and behavior report made in case the bird passes away or is no longer available- for closure for the owner.

* To know where the bird is so we can give closure to the original owner.

* To give resources to finders who haven't had birds before.

* To educate the finders that most of the time, the bird escaped by accident just like a cat or dog, and was not 'set free'. And that the owner many times is a child, who is still crying and feeling guilty for accidentally losing the bird.

* Lost Birds: To have every lost bird recorded with a behavior report and a photo that is easily found on the site.

* To have a community where all lost and found birds in Ontario can be posted and owners can get information.

* To have all the resources in one place for people finding or losing a bird, including personal support and help with posters and getting the word out.

* To have both colour and behavior descriptions of both the found birds and lost birds, so we can return it to the actual owner, not one that had a bird that just looks the same.

* To educate the public that birds escape by accident and that most aren't "set free" as people believe.

* To educate the bird owners that once the bird escapes, they are not gone forever. They may come down to someone later on so they need to keep the ads up even though they have given up hope.

* To explain the steps of grieving and that most bird owners go through the same steps, some quicker than others.

* To work with other sources including Shelter, Animal Care Services, AACC (finding owners by leg bands), and who do Lost and Found Birds across Canada, as well as local Pet Stores and Animal Hospitals.

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