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Preventing an Escape

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Preventing an Escape

Birds love to fly. Period.

If your bird normally is on your shoulder as you walk around the house, this may change when you go outdoors. Many of the lost birds' owners say the bird got spooked by a dog, or he was a "shoulder bird" and they never expected him to fly and not come back.

But birds are meant to be outdoors and flying, so their natural instinct will take over at some point and you will lose your precious companion.

Here are some tips:
1) If you ever go outside with your bird on your shoulder, it either needs to be wearing a HARNESS, or it needs to have clipped wings.
You can buy harnesses from Aviator or a Flight Suit from
2) Some wing trims allow the bird to glide to the floor, or stay at an even height when flying. But remember, the bird also has the ability to climb. So if it goes into a nearby tree, it can climb to the top very fast. Also, feathers are always growing in so I also hear "I normally keep my bird's wings trimmed, but it was time to do it again." DO NOT TRUST YOUR TRIM!
3) Assuming you don't take your bird out on your shoulder, he/she can still escape when anyone in the house comes or goes. This includes the unexpected visit from the neighbour asking for some sugar. You need a way to keep the bird from flying from the cage or other location to the outside door. I use Magic Mesh in my hallways leading to the door.
4) Be very aware any time you open and close your doors and whether a bird is with you or even if the cage door is open. (Mine flew all the way from the cage, around the living room/ dining room, through the kitchen and out the door).

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