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Ontario, Canada
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Fostering and Volunteering

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Our Foster Families are people who are experienced with birds and live in a non-smoking environment. Fostering means that the bird still belongs to the original owner so sometimes it is temporary and sometimes permanent.

Our foster families sign the following statement:
"I am aware I am fostering a bird that may belong to someone else. If this person comes forward, I will allow them to see the bird to see if it is theirs and possibly to give it up. I will look after the bird until that time as if it was my own, making sure it has food and filtered water every day, exercise, showers, and vet visits if required, all of which I will pay for. I will let Lost and Found Birds know if I change my address, phone number or email address."

If you are interested in fostering, please fill out the Fostering Questionnaire and email it to

The priority sequence we decide on foster families is:
1) The person who found the bird.
2) Someone who lost a similar bird or found one and understands the experience.
3) One of our volunteers who has experience with birds of that type.
4) General Public that has experience with birds of that type.

Foster Birds are paired to appropriate Foster Families based on the needs of the bird. Then a house visit is required so we know the bird will be taken care of in a good home. Our birds will be allowed to come out and fly every day.


There are many jobs you can do as a volunteer, from simple to complex:
1) Get the word out! Tell everybody about the Website [] and Facebook Page in your area.
2) Take posters around to stores in your area with the Website and Facebook Pages written on them and tell people about our services.
3) Whenever a bird is lost, posters have to be put up in the area where the bird was lost. A lot of times the owner is so devastated, even the smallest hand helps out and makes them feel they aren't alone.
4) Fostering Birds found outside or be the in between spot before they see a vet (if you have no other birds)
5) Make a donation.

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