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Lost and Found Birds

Ontario, Canada
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Donations are always needed. They pay for the following:
1) BIRD SUPPLIES: Cages, toys, swings, proper perches, and food for birds in temporary housing.
2) OFFICE COSTS: Costs incurred by Poster Copying and Printing all bird ads.
3) GAS MONEY for picking up birds found outside by people, going to locations of sighted birds, transporting fostered birds, and putting up posters.
4) VET bills.
5) WEBSITE: Yearly Domain Name and Monthly fee for Website and Email.

Time answering kijiji ads, taking calls, updating the website and facebook page, putting up posters, consoling lost bird owners and educating the public is all done by volunteers.

You can donate by:

1) Click here to Pay With PayPal:

Your credit card will show payment to "Soul Reflections"

2) Wing Trims, Beak Trims and Toenail Trims by Rachelle (Minimum $10 donation per bird or $20 min for home visit).
Call (519) 858-9755 or text (519) 476-2382

3) By cheque: please email for address,

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