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Lost and Found Birds

Ontario, Canada
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Barrie/Orillia/Owen Sound
Northern Ontario


Please scroll down to bottom before you start and press "Submit." If it doesn't open your email, you will have to download the form.

The following FOUND BIRD REPORT will be sent from your email program so please remember to attach a photo as well.
Warning: If you press "Enter" you will submit the form (but you can edit before sending the email)

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Answer the following questions about the bird as best as you can:
Head Colour:
Body Colour:
Wing Colour:
Back Colour:
Tail Colour:
Tostril Colour:
Beak Colour:
Nail Colour:
Special Markings:
Does the bird bite?
Does the bird know how to "step up" onto your finger or hand?
Does your bird sit or land on your shoulder or head? Check all that apply
Lands on head
Lands on shoulder
Will sit on head for a long time
Will sit on shoulder for a long time
It doesn't come to me
It just stays in the cage
I haven't had it out

What size is the bird compared to other birds the same breed?
Does the bird have his flight feathers or were they trimmed?
Does the bird have a band? No band
Yes it has a band
Band Number (if applicable)

Flight Pattern
Does the bird whistle?
What songs? (if applicable)

Does the bird talk?
What words? (if applicable)

Can the bird be petted?

Can the bird be kissed?
Is the bird toilet trained?
Are there other behaviors or noises that the bird makes that would be different than others of its type?

What are the bird's favorite toys? (select all that apply)
Other Favorite Toys:
Is it afraid of anything?

Do you have video on of the bird? If so, what's the link?

Story of how your bird was found:

Any other comments?

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