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Stories of Reunions

Last updated August 2013. All others on our facebook page at Lost and Found Birds Ontario


Less than a day outside: Left Saturday August 18, Reunited Sunday August 19, 2013

Around 10pm on Saturday night, "Jacquie" heard a noise from her 14th Floor balcony in Cherryhill. She opened her patio door and a cute yellow cockatiel flew in and landed on her shoulder! She searched the internet and found the number for They told her to make the bird comfortable until the morning. She and her daughter searched more, and found a lost cockatiel in London named Nova. Hoping it was Nova, she called the owner, but it didn't sound quite like his. He in turn called Lost and Found Birds, and I went immediately, hoping it was Elvis. The bird was still on Jacquie's shoulder when I arrived. I was still hoping it was Elvis, but there were many things that made me question it. I took the bird to Nova's owner to see what he thought. We both thought it must be a bird that had not been gone from home long, as it wasn't interested in the food. I took it home and it fell asleep immediately. I found a new ad for a lost cockatiel at Highbury and Hamilton Roads, but figured that was too far to travel in one day. I sent the owner an email.
The next morning Jacquie was up early searching the internet again and found the ad for the yellow cockatiel lost in the Hamilton and Highbury area. It was around 7kms away, but sure enough, all the behaviors were right as well as the stains on her nostrils and tail! Lost and Found Birds delivered "Babies" to her owner, Debbie, in the morning. She had been up crying all night and was so happy to see her baby!
Jacquie had never been a bird person before, but she was so inspired by this encounter with such a loving bird, she has volunteered to foster some of the other birds found outside while looking for the owners.


2-3 days outside, left July 23, Reunited July 31, 2013

Baby Pearl Cockatiel only 11 weeks old named "Ferb" flew away from Wavell Street behind Argyle Mall, London, Ontario. Within a couple of days, Ferb was found on Tweedsmuir Ave, 3-4kms from home, trying to get to an outdoor bird feeder, but the other birds kept chasing her away. The owner of the feeder, seeing this, went out and got him. She didn't know who he belonged to. Meanwhile, Ferb's owner was desperate and found a kijiji ad from Lost and Found Birds. She called right away and was given a list of things to do, one being to put up a kijiji ad. The finder had a friend with budgies and took her there in South London. The South London person looked on kijiji and found the ad! The next day, the owner went there, but the bird was not reacting like Ferb did. Disappointed, she tried to put the bird back, but the bird wouldn't let her! He clung to her and gave her nuzzles and kisses just like Ferb! It was Ferb! And Ferb's cagemate Molly was also very happy to see her!


19 Days: July 12 - July 31, 2013

"Sally" a Female Yellow Budgie/Parakeet, flew away from Josselyn Drive (Southdale & Jalna W), London, Ontario. On Wednesday July 31st, a man at Ferndale and Golfview (a km away) was standing in his garage when this budgie flew in to get out of the rain. He coaxed it into a squirrel cage he had and she happily went in since cages are security to pet birds. I went and got her and called the owners, who turned out to be two little girls who had cried for weeks after she flew out the back door by accident! They were really glad to see her again and so was the blue budgie, "John", who was her mate.


14 Days: June 22 - July 6, 2013,

"Fili" accidentally got out of the house on June 22. The owners put up signs, ads, and left the cage outside with the door open. In July, someone put up a kijiji ad that a budgie was found. I was able to call my contacts who had lost budgies and let them know about the ad. Even though, Fili's owners had taken down the kijiji ad when they lost hope, I had their information on my database. It was Fili! She flew all the way from South London to NW London in 14 days!


4 Days: July 1 - 5, 2013

This little cutey escaped while the owners were having a Yard Sale outside and forgot she was out of her cage.

Here's the amazing story as told by Josée Dubreuil from Perroquetsecours:
"This is how people with good heart make a difference in the life of one bird and a person who loves him.
Sherry, who was listening to Easy 101.3 radio station in Tillsonburg ON, heard that a cockatiel was found in London ON. She got in touch with Perroquetsecours who took it from there.
We contacted the radio station who gave us the information that the bird was found by people working at the Toyota car dealer in London ON. We then contacted the car dealer to tell them that 3 owners lost their birds in that area and we would send them over.
Of of these owners is Rachelle, who is a sweet person and who makes a difference by helping others find their birds. She offered to go and pick up the bird because they had nothing to take care of her at the car dealer. Rachelle send us a recent ad about a lost cockatiel in London and since she had the bird with her, she knew it could be her.
We both got in contact with the owner and now the bird is back home safe. Thanks to all the people who were involved in this one!"

When I went to Toyotatown, they explained that the bird flew into the rafters when the service doors were open. It didn't seem to like the rain. The service department coaxed the little girl down, and she came down to them. They built a cage from a cardboard box and exacto knife and put a pipe in for a perch.

I returned the sweet bird to her owners within a few hours and they were so happy to have their bird back!


5 Days: June 21 - June 26, 2013,

"Percy" flew out the back door of his home in Kitchener on Friday June 21st. The owners put up posters, ads, and notified the local Animal Control. On the Monday, I drove to Kitchener to help look for Percy and to give support the grieving family. On Wednesday she called me with great news: the Animal Control officers picked her up 3kms from home and were able to return her after 5 days!


2 Days: May 27 - May 29, 2013

"Joey" took off when his owner was bringing him back into the house from Highbury and Oxford area in London. He was only gone a few days and then returned by the person who found him.

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