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Lost and Found Birds

London, Ontario, Canada
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Lost and Found Resources

* Parrot Alert: A website for all Lost and Found Birds across Canada.
On Facebook: CA Lost and Found Parrot Alerts (Canada)

* Perroquet Secours: A website for all Lost and Found Birds across Canada, published out of Quebec.
On Facebook: Perroquet Secours

* London Lost Pets: A website for all Lost and Found Pets in London, Ontario,
On Facebook: London Lost Pets

Local Rescue Organizations

* Loving Friends Bird Rescue: Take in birds in need of a temporary shelter due to financial changes, abuse, neglect or lack of interest in London, Ontario.
Home visits available for consultation as well as beak, wing and nail trims.
On Facebook: Loving Friends Bird Rescue

* Small Animal and Bird Rescue: Based in London, Ontario, they take in small animals and birds in need of a temporary shelter due to financial changes, abuse, neglect or lack of interest.
On Facebook: Small Animal and Bird Rescue

* Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre: Mount Brydges, Ontario: Salthaven is commited to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned or otherwise compromised wildlife; their goal is to return healthy animals to their natural habitat. Through education they are dedicated to increasing public awareness about and respect for the issues affecting Canadian Wildlife. On Facebook: Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre If you find an injured or orphaned bird (or other animal), call Salthaven at (519)264-2440 or visit the website page: Salthaven "Found an Animal" Page

* London Animal Care and Control Centre

* London Animal Care Centre: The London Animal Care Centre provides lost and found services for pets in the City of London. They also issues licenses for cats and dogs, as well as dealing with animal complaints. Call them if you lose your bird to report it missing.
Phone: (519) 685-1330
On Facebook: London Animal Care Centre

NOTE: If you see a domestic bird outside, please contact Lost and Found Birds. Animal Care Officers may be able to get the bird down, but since they specialize in cats and dogs, they re-adopt the stray pets there (sell them) within 72 hrs if the owner does not come forward. Lost and Found Birds knows that most owners give up, thinking the bird is in the trees and won't come down, and by the time they realize it, the time is up. Lost and Found Birds picks up "stray birds" - birds found outside, and has more resources to find the actual owners, through the leg bands, parrot alert, previous kijiji ads and through posters and pet store ads. We also only foster them out rather than selling them to a "new owner."

Bird Vets and Animal Hospitals

* Hamilton Road Animal Hospital:
466 Hamilton Road London, Ontario N5Z 1R9, (519) 601-7550, Open Evenings and Weekends.
Vet is always going to conferences to learn more about Avian Medicine.
Website: Hamilton Rd Animal
On facebook: Facebook Icon Hamilton Rd Animal Hospital

* Komoka-Kilworth Animal Clinic:
8-22423 Jefferies Rd (at the corner of Oxford St. & Vanneck Rd), Komoka, Ontario N0L 1R0, (519) 641-8383.
Bird Vet is only part-time so call to make sure someone can see the bird.
Website: Komoka Animal
On facebook: Facebook Icon Komoka-Kilworth Animal Clinic

Bird and Parrot Supplies, Grooming, and Pet Stores

* Ziggy's Feathered Friends, Dorchester:
Ziggy’s Feathered Friends is a new bird boutique store,catering to bird lovers, bird owners, bird breeders and people who feed wild birds, in Dorchester,Ontario. Roudybush and other foods are for sale, bird cages, accessories, toys and more! Check out the bird room where you can go in and play with different types of parakeets and parrots! Nail, beak and wing trims by appointment.
On facebook: Facebook Icon Ziggy's Feathered Friends

* Loving Friends Grooming: Nail, Beak and Wing Trims - Home Visits by Appointment in London, Ontario.
Text (519) 476-2382 or email
On Facebook: Loving Friends Aviary

* Pet Valu on Springbank Drive (Giant Tiger Plaza):Pet Store
390 Springbank Driveliffe Rd South (519) 473-4999. Small Bird supplies
On Facebook: Pet Valu Springbank


* Magic Mesh: Keep your birds from flying out the door by accident! I have two of these, one in each hallway that lead to the front door. You just push to walk through and the screen door closes behind you automatically! I've never had to worry about another bird escaping since putting these up! I just wish I had known about them before Elvis left. "Magic Mesh" for sale at Canadian Tire

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